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Get U-verse High Speed Internet for $29.95 a month with a 1 year term on speeds up to 3.0M

Promo Expires Ongoing at

Home phone + Internet. Only $37 a Month

AT&T U-verse TV for Just $29 a Month with Free DVR + 3 Months HBO and Cinemax Free

High Speed Internet (DSL) for Just $14.95 a Month

AT&T U-family TV, Internet Pro and Voice 250 AT&T Triple Play Bundle for $89. Plus Get Even More Promo Savings in AT&T promotion cards on select days.

Promotion Offered for a Limited Time Only

Everyone needs phone, Internet or television service in one fashion or another. Some of the best promotions you will find are offered by AT&T U-verse, which allows you to completely customize your choices. You can pick one, two or three different components, at different levels of service, and enjoy paying only for what you need. You can sweeten that deal by finding the right coupon codes to make the promotional offer even better.

Promotions Change Regularly

One of the things you need to be aware of when shopping for communications services is that the market is very competitive, which translates into great deals for the consumer. Coupon codes, promotional offers and other ‘gimmicks’ are used to entice you to join a particular carrier all the time. Don’t think you are being taken in though, because these deals make your savings bigger.

Where Are the Savings?

It is easy to find plenty of coupon codes online or by dropping by the AT&T website, and there are plenty of promo codes offered for online only orders. If you stop by the AT&T stores you are not going to be able to find these. Some of the current offers include:

  • Free HBO and Cinemax for 3 months when you sign up
  • Activation waiver for TV services
  • Hi Speed Internet for only $49.95 per month

Making it Work for You

The best way to go about scoring the maximum savings is to shop around a bit, or head to a website that does that for you. Sites like this one will have the most current promotions in one place. You just have to figure out what level of services you want and which combination is going to meet your needs and click on the appropriate link. In general, the more services you select and the more service you bundle together, the more you will save.

Why Take the Time?

If you have never used a AT&T U-verse coupon code then the idea of spending a few minutes tracking down the best promotion may seem a little odd. The fact is that with the right code you will save hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. That’s a lot of money. If you have found a reliable site then your search will be very short indeed.

Making use of AT&T U-verse coupon codes can make good sense (and cents!). We try to do our best at finding you the best AT&T promotions here, but do look around if you don’t find the best promo code right here.

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